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The 475 is still going strong, but the 500JRH is here. The 475 small rim Huntington Linebaugh became a reality at last and is continueiing to prove itself.

The Business EndWell, as is usually the nature of inventors and gun makers, we can't leave well enough alone. About six years ago Wayne Skaug my apprentice, and I designed a cartridge in .50 caliber that would work in the Freedom Arms M83 format.

At long last, the 500 JRH is here in the Freedom Arms platform. It does everything we had hoped for. A brief but ongoing campaign in Texas is proving its worth on Hogs and Nilgai with end to end penetration.

It also accounted for Bison and hogs elsewhere. The end to end penetration and locomotive effect a 440 grain .500 diameter long flat nose design bullet at 950 feet per second is far beyond anything I would have guessed. The 435 grain at 1350 feet per second is very impressive as you would expect.

We've pushed 350 grain hollow points to 1450 feet per second and 420 grain lead bullets at 1414 feet per second. The ammo for this combination conversion is available from the spectacular labs of Buffalo Bore, in a mid range 950 feet per second and high speed at 1350+ feet per second.

Of course these revolvers with 5 to 7 inch barells are actually hand guns that pack as easily as a 44 magnum, but hit seond only to the Smith + Wesson hand carbine, the 500 S+W Magnum.

The caliber is available on the M-83 Freedom Arms 454-475 guns converted to this caliber for $475.00 with a banded barell. The Rugers ofcourse can be converted also to a 5 shot configuration with custom barells starting at $1300.00. Custom grips and things like octagon bull barrells are also available. Each gun is built to take on some personality of its owner, so I don't build "package" guns as a rule.

Cylinders are line bored, counter bored and either click ratchet (on the 500 JRH, 475 small rim, 454 Casull and 45 colt) or free wheeling on all cylinders which include 45 Colt, 454 Casull, 475 small rim, 475 Linebaugh, 500 Linebaugh, 500 JRH, 475 Maximum, 500 Maximum and the 50 AE.

The 50 on a Freedom is here, let the games begin........

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Jack Huntington
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telephone: (530)268-6877

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Buffalo Bore Ammo- Makers of the ammunition used in Jack's .475 Linebaugh and .500 Magnum
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